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3 Ideas for An Awesome Wedding Reception Party

3 Ideas for An Awesome Reception Party

By: Godfreyna Canja

Don’t want a boring and traditional reception party for your wedding day? Here are a few ideas to liven it up!

Live Bands

Liven up your dance floor with live music! Live bands aren’t like recorded music in parties that would get lost in the background after a while, they interact with the crowd and can totally change the vibe in your reception. Hiring live bands are not uncommon during weddings so you won’t have a hard time finding someone with experience and will have no trouble making your reception even more awesome!


You think games are just for kiddie parties? Adults love games too, and who said you can’t have party games in your wedding? Creating a game especially for a wedding will keep your guests entertained and will definitely avoid any awkward boring segments. Trivia games about the couple are fun and intimate, but you can also do wilder and crazier games for the added excitement.

Mobile Bar

Having a mobile bar with unique drinks will totally kick your party up a notch. Drinking brings people together and your guests would totally be looser by the end of the night. This will create more opportunities for them to interact and talk and just have a good time. A party with awesome drinks will surely make it livelier and more enjoyable!

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