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8 Things You Should Start With On Your Wedding Checklist

8 Things You Should Start With On Your Wedding Checklist


Getting married in the Philippines anytime soon and feeling a bit overwhelmed? Don’t be! Here are a few of the key things to add to your wedding checklist that can help you get started on planning for your most magical day yet.

1. The Wedding Date

Of course, before anything else, you have to set a date and everything will follow from then on and out.

2. The Guest List

It’s important to begin with the guest list before other factors because it’ll help you gauge how big of a party your wedding will be. If you want a simple or a grand wedding, the guest list will help determine that also for the budget, venue, food, souvenirs, etc

3. The Budget

After you’ve decided if you want to go simple or go grand, setting a budget will help you keep on track. You want to splurge and save on the right things to get the most out of your money and your day. If you don’t set a budget, you might be forced to cut back on things you wouldn’t want to such as your wedding dress!

4. The Venue

After having an idea of the number of guests you plan on having, it’s time to book a venue. Without it, will there even be a celebration?

5. The Dress

While it’s usually said that you only wear your wedding gown once... that just means to make the most of it! Make sure you work well with the designer in order for you to look your very best on your special day.

6. The Photographer

Certainly for an occasion such as this, you’ll need a professional photographer! It’s difficult to rely on friends and or family especially if they’re not professionals because for one, you want them to enjoy your party and two, professionals are well-prepared for any situation so rest assured, your memories will be captured and stored

7. The Food

Good food is essential to any celebration whether big or small -- need I say more?

8. Consider A Wedding Planner

Wedding planners and coordinators are a big help. You can choose to have a planner all throughout your planning process or have them help you on the day itself. Not only do they help keep you on track but they have valuable connections that can even get you further discounts on suppliers and they just simply know how to get things done easily and right away, leaving room for you to enjoy your big day.

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