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Hiring A Wedding Planner Can Save Your Wedding - Here are 6 Reasons Why

6 Reasons Why You Should Get A Wedding Planner


Planning a wedding is no walk in the park, you’ll need all the help you can get to have a chance at enjoying your big day. Here are 6 reasons why you should get a planner and why a number of other couples regret not getting one sooner.

Planning a wedding is stressful, period.

As a little girl, weddings seemed so romantic and fairy-tale like... well they are but what goes on behind the scenes? Not so much. A lot of couples have admitted to having really big fights in the planning process as tensions can get really high so getting a wedding planner can help keep stress levels at ease.

Supplier Talk

One of the reasons why some couples decide to do planning themselves is because they think they could get a bigger bargain by finding their own suppliers. One such couple expected a tall cake for the big amount they paid for but got a nine inch one instead while another couple’s supplier didn’t deliver at all. Wedding planners ask the right questions to get the expected product and services and they have a vast array of connections. It’s also worth noting that wedding planners don’t push the decisions, it’s all up to you. They’ve been in the business for quite awhile so they have a large network and can even get you discounts… in the long run, you’d save more with their help.

No Hidden Fees

Wedding planners will be upfront with their fees and services, no surprises. They also have different options, you can choose to have them plan along with you all throughout the planning process or have them help with just on-the-day coordination.

Skillful with Budgets

They have a ton of experience with many kinds of couples that they’ve become very skillful when it comes with working around your budget.

On Track

For a big occasion, there are mishaps bound to happen and wedding planners are quick on their feet when it comes to it. A lot of couples regret not getting one after experiencing tiny mistakes that could have easily been fixed by a coordinator instead of cutting their time to prepare and or relax before the big day.

Totally Worth It

As mentioned awhile ago, wedding planners have been in the wedding industry for quite awhile that they have a vast network already. Because of this, they can get you a lot of discounts and the best deals that suppliers normally wouldn’t offer. You’ll definitely save a lot more money and time in the long run.

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