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Requirements You’ll Need Before Getting Married

By Apple Mathay Bruselas


We know how you’re itching to get started on scanning through wedding gown designs, colour motifs, and all the other fun stuff but before you get absorbed-- you’ll need to familiarise yourself with the legal requirements to make sure the wedding of your dreams will be set in stone!


The first document you need to procure is the marriage license. Here are the basics for acquiring it:

1. ) Civil Registrar Requirement

Both parties are required to file a sworn application prior to applying for a marriage license. This is done in the city hall of either party’s official residence. It’s a basic form containing your full name, place of birth, citizenship, etc.

2.) Marriage License Requisites

You’ll need an NSO certified birth certificate and lucky for us, there’s an online option: .

Take note that the validity of the marriage license is 120 days from the date of issue.

*If you or your partner were/was previously married, they also need to submit a judicial decree of absolute divorce / annulment. For more details, you can head on over to .


1.) Baptismal & Confirmation Certificates

You and your partner need to obtain these certificates from the respective churches of your baptism and confirmation; make sure that it’s stated “FOR MARRIAGE PURPOSES ONLY”. These usually have a validity of six months.

2.) Marriage License

As previously mentioned, you acquire the marriage license from the municipality or city hall where you or your partner currently reside in. For those who are civilly married, you should obtain a certified true copy of marriage from the NSO.

3.) Canonical Interview

Upon application, you and your partner will be required to attend a canonical interview with the parish priest. Be sure that both of you attend the scheduled interview because the church may cancel your reservation and application.

4.) Certification of Attendance to a pre-marriage seminar

After the canonical interview, you’ll be given schedules for a pre-marriage seminar that both of you are required to attend. If in any case either of you are based abroad, you can instead submit a certificate of attendance from the local parish office.

5.) Marriage Banns

Forms for marriage banns will be provided during the canonical interview and it’s to be given to both your respective parishes and returned.

6.) Certificate of Freedom to Marry

(Or Wedding Permit) You request these from both of your parishes to be submitted to the chosen church for your wedding.

7.) CENOMAR and Birth Certificate

(Or Certificate of No Marriage) can be obtained through the NSO; there’s also an online option: .

8.) Names and Addresses of Principal Sponsors

The church also requires a complete list of the names and addresses of your ninangs and ninongs. Take note that some churches have a limit to how many principal sponsors you can have and you may be fined if you go over it.

9.) Confession

Many priests encourage the couple to undergo confession at least a week before the wedding to start the married life with grace.

*Note these are just some of the basic requirements you will need to get married. During the pandemic, certain municipalities may require more documents.

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