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Troy Montero & Aubrey Miles Trash the Wedding Dress for The Wedding Library's Bridal Fair 2023

The Trash the (Wedding) Dress concept has been around in many countries for years but has never really seen the spotlight in the Philippines until now…

Shot in the beautiful Island born of Fire, Camiguin, with one of the hottest & fiery Celebrity Couples in the showbiz industry, Troy Montero & Aubrey Miles, The Wedding Library produced a sexy Trash the Dress concept shoot for the marketing materials of The Wedding Library’s February 2023 Bridal Fair, to be held on February 10, 11, & 12 at its new home, The World Trade Center, Metro Manila.

Trash the Dress is usually done post nuptial wherein the bride wears her wedding dress one more time to “trash” it as a symbol of saying goodbye to her life before the wedding - and moving on to the new chapter. Here in the Philippines where wedding gowns are mostly custom-made, Trash the Dress shoots usually use a second (simpler) white gown instead.

Nowadays Trash the Dress can also be done during a prenup shoot for those who want a sexy beach photo concept. Many shoots include soaking the wedding dress on the beach, dirtying the dress, applying color such as paint, and even tearing the gown - explains Winnie Natividad, Main Organizer of The Wedding Library’s Bridal Fair.

The Wedding Library in partnership with the only luxury resort in Camiguin, Nouveau Resort, and with grand master photographer Lito Genilo of Smartshot Studio behind the lens, conceptualized a Trash the Dress Celebrity Shoot to symbolize a modern age of weddings and to usher in a new era of Wedding Fairs & Conventions especially in this post pandemic world.

The Wedding Library’s February 10, 11 & 12, 2023 Bridal Fair will have hundreds of wedding suppliers under one roof from bridal shower needs, to reception venues to honeymoon destinations, and all other Wedding Suppliers in between!

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